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Thank all of you at the Memorial City clinic during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. I could not access the clinic due to flooding and Dr. Sobarzo was kind enough to consult and help me over the phone. I am a musician, so if you have a company holiday party, I’d be glad to come play the piano for you! – John B.

This is a great clinic! Staff is friendly, knowledgeable and pleasant. I’ve recommended it to several friends with bad chronic pain from injuries. – William B.

Staff is always kind and they know their patients…they asked how my son was doing after a bad accident. That really touched my heart. – Joyce R.

The doctors and staff are always helpful, patient, understanding, courteous and knowledgeable. Thanks to all for providing such great care! – Jeanette S.

This clinic really, truly cares a great deal about each and every individual patient. I know they stand behind me and that really helps me get through each day. – Jordan C.

Everyone is understanding and nice. They treat patients very respectfully. And, my doctor understands the pain I am going through. – Irma S.

I first became acquainted with Dr. Phan in 2010 after dealing with two other pain management doctors. I have an incurable metabolic muscle disease. Although Dr. Phan was not the doctor that implanted my implantable pain device, it is his care that I speak of now. I was impressed with Dr. Phan’s attention to his patients’ care. Even when he left the Baylor Clinic to open his own practice, his attention didn’t change. He always makes you feel that he has all the time in the world to devote to your concerns. As a patient, you feel you are working as a team to manage your pain. I have not hesitated to refer other people to Dr. Phan’s office. Since I have been dealing with the pain this disease causes since 2000 and various other doctors, Dr. Phan has been the first that I immediately felt comfortable with. I hope I will not ever need to change pain management doctors again. – Elizabeth C. Williams

The clinicians are among the best! They truly care for their patients and constantly strive to improve the level of care for patients by working closely and learning with and from other clinicians. This is a 5-star group! – W.W.

I have the distinct honor of being in Dr. Phan’s first group of patients when the Med Center office was in its infancy. Dr. Phan, as well as the ENTIRE staff treated me like royalty. My case is significantly unusual but I was fortunate enough to have been in the Baylor clinic where my surgeon referred me to this miracle-making physician. I cannot emphasize enough that for five years every available resource to treat me was done in the manner of my presence being the ONLY patient on the calendar for the day. The staff nurtures patients like delicate, irreplaceable possessions.  – B.N.

All of the staff at the Humble clinic are very caring and kind! – C.F.

Very happy with the service I have received in Humble. – N.H.